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11 MAY 11: Spring 2011 Emerging Artist Show

on Mon, 04/11/2011 - 00:00

It’s almost May, which means it’s almost time for the 2011 New York Photo Festival, an international event that happens to take place right in our backyard.  We’ll be showing the works of 12 artists working in photographic mediums, as part of our ongoing Emerging Artist series of exhibitions.  These are always highly intriguing and energetic shows and we encourage you to check it out this month, amidst the sprawl of venues in and around DUMBO the weekend of May 11-15.  The artists featured include:

Danny Arenas

Will Arnold

Corrie Glenn Ferguson

Todd Jokl

Jason Kass


07 APR 11: Cannon Hersey "Silk Route + works on paper"

on Thu, 04/07/2011 - 00:00

Come check out new works from global artist Cannon Hersey’s Silk Route series.  Mr. Hersey is an artist, curator, and founder of the organization CrossPath Culture.  The exhibition opens tomorrow at 6pm at Rabbithole.  Also featuring various works on paper and some exclusive limited-edition prints and t-shirts for sale.  

CANNON HERSEY:  Silk Route & works on paper

The photographs utilized in the silk route series were taken between 1997 and 2000 in China, India, Mongolia, Tibet and Nepal.

ORFEU NEGRO by Marcel Camus

on Wed, 04/06/2011 - 21:56

Dear Rabbit Fans!
this week we are heading to Brazil with the exquisite 'Orfeu Negro' by French Director Marcel Camus. The 1959 Cannes Festival's Grand Prize Winner is famous for bringing to life the new samba style of the time, today known as 'Bossa Nova'. Along side the colorful scenes of Carnival in Rio and the adapted greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice, the soundtrack has since become an all-time classic.

Looking forward to wednesday!
Event opens at 8pm (movie starts around 8:30)

-Rabbit Love

MON ONCLE by Jacques Tati

on Wed, 03/30/2011 - 21:56

This week at Rabbit,
we are screening Jacques Tati's comedic masterpiece where dialogue is replaced by visual whimsy and where the absurdist basis of modern consumerist culture of the 50's plays the main character. Tati is comparable to the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, and "MON ONCLE" is Tati's first movie in color and arguably his best work supported by many awards and honors.

Come join us with some drinks and comfy couches!
Opens at 8pm (the movie usually starts at 8:30)

- Rabbit love

BLOW UP by Michelangelo Antonioni

on Wed, 03/16/2011 - 21:56

Dear Rabbit fans,
this week we are turning to Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni and his Swinging London masterpiece BLOWUP. Using the 60's world of mod fashion as a backdrop for his murder mystery plot, Antonioni examines the existential nature of reality through photography, as well as defies Hollywood puritanism with some of the sexiest cinematic scenes of its time.

For a cozy evening of BYOB on the couches...
come to our FREE screenings!

opens at 8pm (movie starts at 8:30pm)

- Rabbit love