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Friday, May 6: SESSION 1 Huisi He and NoodleRice Studio

on Thu, 03/31/2016 - 18:16

The Espejo Organization for the Arts presents “EOarts Performance Art Series 2016: Session 1”. The first night of this four-night series will host two performances; “Traps” by Huise He, and “Untitled 6” by Yao Zhang and Brian O’Mahoney from the NoodleRice Studio on May 6th, 2016 at Rabbithole Projects.

“Traps” is a body endurance performance art piece that consists of a series of contemporary dance movements and gestures that are linked to phrases that are given to the audience to say.

Thursday, May 5: THE LAST MARCH HARE

on Thu, 03/31/2016 - 18:15

"The March Hare will be much the most interesting, and perhaps as this is May it won't be raving mad – at least not so mad as it was in March." -Alice.

"Once upon a time there was a darkroom. And in that darkroom there were photographers. That was our community. It was based on volunteer work and mutual support. As times have changed we have lost our darkroom. The artists have moved to other adventures and this is a show that celebrates a memory and mourns a loss."

photography by: Federico Savini / Ebru Yildiz / Lieh Sugai / Mitchell King / Serge Cashman / Shawn Escoffery

music by: The

Wednesday, May 4: The Singularity

on Thu, 03/31/2016 - 18:15

The tremendous discoveries dealing with space and time, observations of entanglement and quantum spookiness over the last one hundred years have brought us to an exciting time in perception evolution and closer to the brink of a great paradigm shift in consciousness. These revelations question our fundamental understanding of physics and challenge our perceived laws of nature. String theory, Multiple and Parallel Universes, Gravitational Waves; who knows what could be uncovered next or where this new knowledge might take us.

Saturday, April 30: BREAK THE FLOOR

on Thu, 03/31/2016 - 18:14



Break the Floor is a multimedia group exhibition that will revisit the historical phrase "the personal is political" and explore how our sense of self is so often shaped by larger social structures and the verbal and visual language that surrounds us. The act of making in itself can be seen as an act of urgency to communicate the questions we regularly grapple with and the necessity to make the things that are overlooked and underrepresented both visible and audible.

Friday, April 29: Gaspar Marquez's BODYSCAPES

on Thu, 03/31/2016 - 18:14

The Espejo Organization for the Arts and Rabbithole Projects are pleased to present Bodyscapes, Gaspar Marquez’s latest photography exhibition. The Mexican­born artist, who learned photography while struggling and wandering through America, uses nonlinear photographs that are meant to capture the essence of the female beauty by mathematically dissecting the female aesthetic frame by frame.

In this one­night­only show Marquez will present a series of images composed by multiple 35mm film shots in which he experiments with the nude female body.