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Saturday & Sunday, July 30 & 31: MODERN STORYTELLER: New Media and Interactive Design Show

on Sat, 07/02/2016 - 23:18

Modern Storyteller: New Media and Interactive Design Show is an exhibition showcasing projects from 18 up-and-coming Taiwanese designers and artists. The exhibition renders the mixture of diverse perspectives and personal or impersonal outlook from each artist. Conceding with the liberty to choose their own subject and use of media, exhibitors deliver their own "story" through distinct methods and approaches, such as prototypes, films, installations, or motion graphics.  The exhibition will launch its grand reception on July 30 th at 7:00pm. For more information about "Modern Storyteller - New Media and Interactive Design Show," please visit

List of artists and designers and their projects:

Chiehping Chen / WhatUshare

Chia Hsuan Chou / Social Network Zoology

Fang Yi Chu / herbalab - website

Huai Kuan Chung / Beyond Big Project

Emily Hsu / Tippi-Tot

I-Wen Huang / Reenactment: Film Series x Readymades

Mu-Ti Huang / Level On

Yu-Jia Huang / Amelie_Instagram Video

Yu Fei Kao / Revenge

Gung-Kai Koo / What The Egg?

I-Cheng Lee / nowhere

Kang Peng / Animals in Taiwan: A multimedia Pop-Up Gallery

Melody Shih / Cacophony


Po-Yen Wang / Atlas series

Jelly Wei / Window

Rosalie Yu / Embrace in Progress

Szu-an Yu / ANOTHERSCAPE: An Archive of Urban Fiction

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