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Thu NOV 29th: SunMoon (live) + "Leo the Last" by John Boorman

on Thu, 11/15/2012 - 21:44


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to schedule conflict, we were requested to change our screening last minute. We apologize for all inconveniences. We'll be screening the surreal  'Leo the Last' by John Boorman instead, still opened by a warming performance by Benoit Guerroué's SUNMOON.



Benoit Guerroué is a French native who spent his youth the in the mystical land of Brittany, where he started playing shows and self-releasing an impressive amount of material under the name CARBONIC. Ten years ago he moved to the US where he continued recording, collaborating, and touring/playing in bands.
His performances are extremely varied, ranging from songs with just an acoustic guitar to more experimental renditions incorporating loops, electric guitar, keyboard. His live performance has presented as a 2-piece, 3-piece, and even 7-piece band. Leading and unifying all manifestations of his band, however, is a voice that is sublime, and otherworldly; a voice that comes from the heart, softly taking you away to another realm. 
Today playing under the Moniker SUNMOON, Benoit continues to channel his inspiration (whether it be Nature, love, or music...) through this special inner world to explore expression through sound and create a singular and very personal work of art.

8:30pm: LEO THE LAST

Director of the famed Zardoz, John Boorman's less known, yet equally compelling film "Leo the Last", is based on the George Tabori play "The Prince" and deals with class struggles of the poor against the haughty royals. Starring Marcello Mastroianni as the last in line of princes who gradually emerges from his decaying mansion to become involved with and help the people living in his deteriorating London neighborhood. This film won Best Director at Cannes in 1970.
Thursday November 29th, 2012
Door is $10 with Open Bar!
Opens at 7:30 pm.
See you there!

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