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Thursday, August 4: Finding Forever

on Mon, 07/25/2016 - 17:53

Finding Forever by Myla Seabrook

My artwork aims to bring the beauty of landscape to the viewer, to encourage people to pause, look, and bask in the simple and often under-appreciated joy of looking. I maintain a certain child-like fascination with and awe of vistas that propels me to the studio; it is my hope that viewers of the work will have an opportunity to engage in that awe as well.

Being heavily influenced by hue, my work employs bright, saturated colors and deep, rich shadows boldly fused with exacting brushwork; I seek to play upon the visual drama that results from a meeting of light and dark. The medium of oil paint allows me the richness of pigment and the ease of blending that I enjoy. 

I paint using a ‘hyper-pigmentation’ method, which results in colors that wouldn’t normally be found in traditional landscape art. I do this to emphasize the vibrancy of the world around us, both visually and spiritually. Nature’s connection to the souls that share space with it is at once profound and uplifting; my colors reflect that radiance. It is my ultimate aim to push my work further in the atypical direction, resulting in a practice that produces large-scale, immersive pieces that dabble in the fantastical while remaining firmly rooted in a realistic representation of the natural world’s splendor.

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