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Thursday-Saturday, June 2-4: Some Things Considered

on Mon, 05/16/2016 - 15:20

 "Doubting Belafonte"

Rabbithole is proud to present "Some Things Considered" a two man exhibition with artists  Earl Funk and Chris Hamer 

Opening reception Thursday, June 2 on view through Saturday, June 4
7pm to 10pm 

Earl Funk 
I spend a lot of time thinking about ideas for artwork. Some of those ideas are clear to me right away, and end up becoming paintings very fast. Others are not so clear at first, and slowly come together in my mind over time. This collection is made up of the ideas that I've spent the most time thinking about over the past couple years. The title of the collection is "Some Things Considered". By that I mean, of all the things there are in life to consider for artistic subject matter. I spend most of my time only considering a few. All of the pieces in the show are made with acrylic spray, acrylic brush paint, and acrylic paint markers. 

I'm a 32 year old artist from Orlando Florida. I started tattooing during my senior year of high school in 2002 and have spent the majority of my time since then tattooing in Orlando. I began to focus on painting in 2011 after i tried my hand at spray painting. That inspired me to really start paining murals and canvases with all of my free time. I've been doing various art shows since then showcasing both. Recently, in May of 2015 I opened a private tattoo/art studio in Orlando Called The East with my friend and fellow artist Steve Roberts.

Chris Hamer is a Husband, Father, Star Wars, Creature of the Black Lagoon addicted artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia, who goes by the Moniker Urbnpop, when not talking in third person. Pulling his artistic roots from Music, Comic books, Cartoons, Street art and Monster Movies, Chris's art has a voice of its own and is often noted for its unique style and approach.

Most recently Chris's art has been seen as part of the set design for Season 5's AMC's The Walking Dead. When not at home with his family, Chris is Traveling the Usa, attending Comic, Horror and Art festivals showing his artwork to the public.

Chris's art has been seen, on Sketch Cards for Topp's 2 Mars Attacks, and 2 different Star Wars Card Sets, Cryptozoic's Adventure Time and Dc Comics sets and Upper Deck's 4 different Marvel Avengers,and Ant man Card sets. Besides working with some of the companies that Chris grew up dreaming about, most recently Chris has had the opportunity to work with several Punk Rock / Hardcore bands designing Concert/ Gig Posters.

His art still does not stop there. With two self-published art books, four comic books and a slew of mural jobs for state side Pizza Company Mellow Mushroom and music sharing company Spotify, Chris continues to create and make new art daily.


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