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Thursday, July 21: WE ART COLOMBIA

on Sat, 07/02/2016 - 23:04

WE ART COLOMBIA is an art collective from Bogota, Colombia working in various mediums - painting, collage and sculpture. 

"It is a particular point of view of art criticizing aspects of Colombia as well as the rest of the world. Showing keen perspective on what we have as Colombian artists, our evolution in this medium, this scene is filled with light, color, shapes, textures, feelings, landscapes, conflicts, hardship, life, death, war, poverty, wealth, freedom, love, pain, faith all it wrapped in what we could call our urban culture, and how it has grown  as a symbol of globalization through the internet. The era of hyperconnectivity has served as a bridge connecting our inner world and impulsing us to make a staging at RABBITHOLE. 

We ask thousands of questions encouraged by our curiosity.

We want to refine the concept of Colombian artists and show something new, fresh, abstract and completley eye catching. With our artform we want to create new topics, provoque new questions as our ideas are derived of how each of us see the world in our own way. We dont focus on faults or mistakes, hence we are artists .

We present these different art works, loaded collages, graffiti filled canvases with stencils, artoys and sculptures  all done with a mixture of techniques and showing what we live as artists."

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